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  1. Paving Denny Rd

    Denny Rd is in need of repair and paving the road is becoming dangerous with ever increasing traffic

    Mar 8, 2016 by Eric Cunningham (5 points)

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  2. Pave Denny Road

    Please consider paving Denny Road, at the Rt. 8 intersection. The road in its current condition is down to one lane. With increased traffic this only makes the intersection and road more dangerous.

    Mar 8, 2016 by Megan Julius (8 points)

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  3. We need center lines painted on the township roads.

    It is difficult to see at night and when wet and lines on the road would be extremely helpful. I travel often in Adams and they have lines but as soon as you cross into Middlesex on the same road,...

    Dec 21, 2020 by April Reibie (5 points)

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