Township Code

Laws enacted at the municipal level in Pennsylvania are known as Ordinances.

The Township of Middlesex has converted its current Ordinances, and will convert future Ordinances, into a document referred to as The Township Code.

Chapters are alphabetized by subject matter. Chapter numbers, while in numerical order, are on occasion skipped (or reserved) for future legislation.

Code Sections
The Township Code for Middlesex is organized into 5 sections:
  • Section I: Administrative Legislation (Chapters 1 through 40). Contains all Township legislation of an administrative nature, namely, that dealing with the administration of the municipal government.
  • Section II: General Legislation (Chapters 53 through 175). Contains all other Township legislation of a regulatory nature. Items of legislation in this part generally impose penalties for violations of their provisions.
  • Section III: Appendix. Certain forms of local legislation are not of a nature suitable for including in the main body of the Township Code, but are significant enough to be identified.
  • Section IV: Disposition List. Serves as a chronological listing of legislation, indicating its inclusion in the Code (or the reason for its exclusion). The List is updated with each revision to the Code.
  • Section V: Index. Serves as a manner to search for information on a particular subject if you don't know which Chapter to look in.